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Garage Renovation

Garage Renovations

Garage Addition St. Petersburg

GARAGE REMODELS | Moore Creative Construction, LLC

Garage Remodels needed in St. Petersburg, FL?

As experts in both interior and exterior remodeling, we bring the best of both worlds for all garage remodels. From finding creative solutions to unique layout challenges to expanding your opportunities for storage, organization, and living space.  Moore Creative Construction, LLC can help you with your Garage Remodel by providing:

  • Complete garage remodeling finishing solutions
  • Garage additions and garage expansions
  • Attached garage solutions, breezeways, and vestibules
  • Garage insulation and drywall finishing
  • Curb appeal enhancements
  • Energy-efficient garage enhancements
  • Above the garage apartments and rental space
  • Storage systems and solutions
  • Workshop areas, work areas, wiring, and ventilation
  • Added outdoor entertaining options
  • Detached Garage Additions

Moore Creative Construction, LLC offers curb appeal, storage, functionality, even added living space. So many reasons a garage remodel is in your future.

Whether you are hoping to add practical storage space or convert your garage into an entertainment zone, building a garage that reflects your home’s architecture and fits the neighborhood will also help keep your investment value high.

5 Benefits of Garage Remodels

1.  Increase Your Home Value

2.  Energy Efficiency

3.  Utility and Organization

4.  Architectural Interest or Consistency

5.  Convert the Garage into a Living Space

Many people find that a garage offers the perfect environment for a home office, studio space, home gym or workshop. Since many garages are attached to the home, often a little garage remodeling can easily match the same comforts as a home: heating and cooling, phone wiring, even plumbing.

Updating your garage doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your storage area. Many garages today have become multi-functional, allowing for cars, general storage, and a home office or gym all in the same space.

If you find you will be losing too much storage space in your garage, as part of the garage remodeling project,  consider building a small storage shed in your yard to house tools, sporting equipment and seasonal items. A building separate from the house will expand your storage space, allowing you to use the garage in ways that you could not use a shed: electricity or heating, for example.

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